RESPECT V Stadium Jacket
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※ Shipping : Starts from 3rd week of March, 2020

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DJMAX RESPECT V Style Stadium Jacket

Pre Order : Feb.3rd 11AM ~ Feb.16th 23:59PM, 2020 (KST) 

Shipping : Starts from 3rd week of March, 2020 

Made in Korea

100% Order production

[Logo] Patched & Embroidered

Color: Black

Sleeve : Polyurethane 100%

Body : Cotton 70% Polyester 15% Acrylic 8% Nylon 8%

Lining : Polyester 100%

This is stadium jacket where the players wore in OSL Futures.

Manufactured with wool and fabric, so it has high warmth retentivity. And it's still not too heavy.

Overall, it is designed with chic black,

V logo is carefully engraved to make the jacket stand out.

You can order up to M ~ 4XL. Custom made this time.

+ We added a S size because there were many requests + 

Patched & Embroidered RESPECT / V LOGO

A neat black button that won't pop

Warm with lining quilting

Inner pockets for TV remote control, wallets, airpods, and cell phones.


Model wearing size: XL

(181cm / 76kg )


※ Size information is provided for customer to choose size. It might have minor difference with actual product.

(Refund and change are not allowed for size issue)

[How to do laundry & Caution]

1. When washing, lint may occur due to shrinkage and heavy friction. Hand wash only with wool specialized detergent.

2. Please note that storage is mild to mildew.

3. Dry cleaning is recommended. Frequent washing can cause deformation of the sleeves.

4. Turn the zipper or button upside down and wash it.

5. Wipe off dirt on the sleeves with a cloth or cream.

6. Please note that the color fades due to friction and benzene.

7. Note that cloth may be discolored if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

8. Do not dry in direct sunlight or fire when wet

9. Avoid high temperature or high humidity when storing.

10. Be careful not to be moldy due to moisture.

11. Please note that the shape and color may change when placed next to the fire.

12. After washing, be sure to dry in the shade.

13. Please note that this product is susceptible to heat and may get damaged upon fire or strong friction.

14. Severe friction may cause fluff

15. Do not allow young children to swallow raw materials attached to this product. Please note that it may be damaged by a strong impact.

16. Please note that people with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction.

17. Please note that there is a risk of burns due to strong friction.

18. Please note that there is a possibility that flames may catch when approaching a flame.

19. When drying, avoid strong sunlight and dry in a well-ventilated shade.

20. Caution! Small parts can fall out and be swallowed.

21. Because of Stadium jumper wool, logo patches may be black hair, which is not bad.

After washing once, the hair falls less and less, and it can be cleaned by removing it with a tape cleaner.

22. Band may get strained in hot water. Please be careful.

 Your choice for a Stadium Jacket style upgrade!

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  • Starts from 3rd week of March, 2020
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