Experience, beyond possesion.

International Shipping Information (2021.07.27 Updated. ) 

Returned items due to COVID-19 and delayed shipments

RESPECT V Limited Edition products have been sent.

- Shipment date: July 26, 2021

- Country : Australia, Peru, Guam, Italy

- Product : RESPECT V Limited Edition

Delivery can take up to 15 days.

However, delivery may be delayed due to COVID-19.

Thank you for waiting so long and I'm sorry.

Please send any inquiry regarding shipment to


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Country not available for international shipping (2020.04.17 Updated. )

Due to COVID-19, all of the shipment of RESPECT V Limited Edition, Hoodie, Stadium jacket has been returned.

※ Country not available for international shipping

Returned product: RESPECT V Limited Edition, Hoodie, Stadium jacket

- Some parts of Japan, United States, Singapore

- Australia, Switzerland, Peru, France, United Arab Emirates

Taiwan, Chile, Guam, Mexico, Italy, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Colombia, Spain

Until the current situation is settled, shipping may not be possible and it may take a long time.

We will re-announce when we re-send the product.

Please send any inquiry regarding shipment to https://muca.global/QA

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RESPECT V Style Hoodie and Stadium Jacket

(End of sale)

Pre-order : From Feb. 3rd, 2020 (11AM, KST) ~ Feb. 16th (Sun)

DJMAX RESPECT V Limited Edition 

(End of sale)

It will be sent on starting from March 11th 


Original Sound Track and Lyrics (DJMAX RESPECT and V DLC Tracks)

New Key Cap for PC Version


Meet RESPECT V's Limited Edition Now.

Date: Dec. 26th 1PM ~ 11:59PM (KST) 

There has been an issue with the bank system and sales were not working properly.

We are so sorry about the inconvenience and we like to extend the sales period for one day.

PRE-ORDER: Dec 23rd, 2019 11:00 AM ~ Dec 25th, 2019 23:59 PM (KST)


(End of sale)

DJMAX's Second official goods

Alice and DEEMO, costumed as El_Clear and El_Fail!

We provide you PUNEW's collaboration illustration 

into acrylic figure.

Pre-order dateSep. 24th, 2019 ~ Oct. 6th, 2019 KST 23:59 

DJMAX's first official goods 

RESPECT T-shirt (End of sale)

Press X to pay RESPECT

July 28th, 2017. The first day of RESPECT

Meaning of RESPECT within one button.

Now became a slogan, with you fans.

Fanatic Style

First official goods based on the pure experience of fans

We set fans' motion of showing X as the motive.

We understand the message,

and we know the person with the shirt.


Completed with PD of RESPECT, BEXTER, AD DumpingLIFE. MUCA's first official goods.

BEXTER, who wanted to send value beyond possession.

DumpingLIFE, designed the meaning with his emotional sense.

Participated by DJMAX RESPECT team itself, this goods

is created with speciality.

Custom made to meet it's special meaning

Chose its fabric by MUCA itself

To show Message of "Press X to pay RESPECT"

Cared last bit of design.

Until the final quality check. 

Custom made with emotional sense.

Minizing the change of clothing, the fabric and finishing.

Hard and safe seam keeps the style of clothing.

All process went with IL SPORTS CO. 

The company known to create popular sports brand

Qualified company with its own factory line.